QG a leading international book publishing group approached Sabeti solutions to rebrand the group that spoke one voice and one tone across the group subsidiaries. This was because they had the wrong presence in the community which was not really the case but infact they wanted to have a bold statement that would go align with the company’s new management.

Sabeti had to create a business strategy that had all the 4 divisions and parent company division. This was a task that Sabeti managed to bring a solutions that was clean, contemporary in design and bold in statements. This was after consulting 41 brands across the group.

QG was given 360 strategy that encompassed corporate strategy business unit strategy and marketing/functionality strategy. These strategy was implemented with Sabeti solutions consultants and management of QG.

• Brand visualisation

• Digital collateral

• Print collateral

• Signage design

• Exhibition event

• Bespoke CMS

• Business intelligence solutions in the form of IBM smart commerce.


(Sabeti Team) have really owt done them self. They have deliver a fanastic solutions that has help QG and our 41 brands. While working Collaboratively and firm with ideas the responsiveness, creativity and mart solutions has set them apart for us..